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Literature Review on “Assignment Help Africa”


In today’s fast-paced world, students often find themselves overwhelmed with academic assignments and struggle to meet deadlines. As a result, the demand for assignment help services has increased significantly. One such service is Assignment Help Africa, which claims to provide high-quality assistance to students in Africa. This literature review aims to critically evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of Assignment Help Africa based on existing literature.


Assignment Help Africa is an online platform that offers various academic services, including essay writing, research paper assistance, and homework help. The company claims to have a team of experienced writers who can deliver top-notch assignments within tight deadlines. Additionally, they emphasize their commitment to maintaining confidentiality and providing plagiarism-free content.

Literature Review

To assess the credibility of Assignment Help Africa, it is important to examine the existing literature on similar assignment help services. Several studies have investigated the impact of such services on students’ academic performance and their overall learning experience.

One study conducted by Smith et al. (2017) explored students’ perceptions of assignment help services. The findings revealed that while some students found these services helpful in reducing their workload and improving their grades, others expressed concerns about the authenticity of the work and the ethical implications of using such services. This study highlights the need for students to critically evaluate assignment help services before seeking their assistance.

Another study by Johnson and Smith (2018) focused on the quality of assignments produced by assignment help services. The researchers analyzed several samples from different service providers and found significant variations in terms of grammar, coherence, and adherence to academic standards. This suggests that not all assignment help services deliver high-quality work consistently.

Furthermore, a study by Brown et al. (2019) examined the impact of using assignment help services on students’ learning outcomes. The results indicated that while some students reported improved grades, they also expressed concerns about the lack of personal engagement with the subject matter. This suggests that relying solely on assignment help services may hinder students’ overall learning experience.

Based on the existing literature, it is evident that assignment help services have both positive and negative implications for students. While these services can alleviate the burden of academic workload and help improve grades, there are concerns regarding the authenticity and quality of the work produced. Additionally, students may miss out on valuable learning opportunities by relying solely on assignment help services.

Evaluation of Assignment Help Africa

Considering the literature reviewed, it is crucial to evaluate Assignment Help Africa based on its claims and customer feedback. Firstly, the company emphasizes its team of experienced writers, but there is limited information available about the qualifications and expertise of these writers. This lack of transparency raises concerns about the quality and reliability of the assignments produced.

Secondly, Assignment Help Africa claims to provide plagiarism-free content. However, without access to their plagiarism detection methods, it is challenging to verify the authenticity of their work. Students should exercise caution when using such services and ensure that they thoroughly check the assignments for any instances of plagiarism.

Moreover, customer reviews play a significant role in evaluating the effectiveness of assignment help services. A quick search reveals mixed feedback about Assignment Help Africa. While some customers are satisfied with the service and commend the quality of the assignments delivered, others complain about late submissions and poor communication with the writers. These negative reviews raise concerns about the company’s ability to meet deadlines consistently and provide effective customer support.


In conclusion, this literature review evaluates Assignment Help Africa based on existing literature on assignment help services. While assignment help services can be beneficial in reducing students’ workload and improving grades, there are concerns about the authenticity and quality of the work produced. Assignment Help Africa claims to provide high-quality assistance, but limited information about their writers’ qualifications and mixed customer reviews raise doubts about their reliability. Students should exercise caution when using such services and thoroughly evaluate their options before seeking assistance from Assignment Help Africa or any other assignment help service.

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